Welcome to the Rider cheerleading workout page

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to start our summer training as planned :( But that is NOT going to stop us! What you need to do...

1. Scan the QR Code Below and join the *NEW* Band App for Summer Training

2. Do the workout for each day AND record yourself!

3. SPEED-UP the recording and POST IT in the Band App EACH DAY!!

4. For the MILE RUN workouts, post a picture of your stats from your iphone or from a smart watch.

Monday, June 8th

Strength Workout

Tuesday, June 9th

Core Workout + Mile Run

Wednesday, June 10th

Oregon Cheer

Thursday, June 11th

Flexibility + Mile Run

Friday, June 12th

Leg Workout

Saturday, June 13th

Dance Workout + Mile Run