Roosevelt High School Cheerleading Rules and Regulations:


The purpose of the Roosevelt High School cheerleading squads is to LEAD THE CROWD with school spirit, display pride, encourage good sportsmanship, and represent Roosevelt with a positive image.

*A high level of commitment will be expected for the Roosevelt High School cheerleading program.

School/SDHSAA Guidelines

Scholastic Policy Cheerleaders will abide by the Roosevelt High School academic eligibility rules as established by the SDHSAA.

Cheerleaders will abide by the RHS extra-curricular Scholastic/Academic eligibility rules for athletics and activities as established by the Activities Department.

Cheerleaders must not be in violation of the Drug/Alcohol Activity Rules. The activity rules will be enforced the entire year, which includes the summer months, regardless of whether or not the student is participating in the activity at the time.

Code of Conduct

The Roosevelt High School Cheerleading Program Code of Conduct establishes behavioral expectations. The Code is designed to guide the choices, actions, and practices of our diverse community of students, staff, parents, and guests. The Code of Conduct will help maintain a safe, quality learning environment, which will foster high achievement and excellence in our program as well as in our community. The Roosevelt High School Cheerleading Program strives for excellence at all levels: school, home, work, practice, games, and competitions. It is expected that the Code of Conduct be upheld at all times.


Honesty is being truthful and worthy of others' trust.

To uphold this commitment, I choose to:

1. Keep my promises

2. Be truthful to myself and others no matter the consequences.

3. Never lie, cheat, steal.

4. Be trustworthy, straightforward, and sincere.


Responsibility is doing the right thing, being prepared, giving your best effort, and taking ownership.

To uphold this commitment, I choose to:

1. Respect myself, others, and property.

2. Honor people's opinions and actions (those of other peers and coaches).

3. Listen to others and treat them well because they matter.


Fairness is providing equal opportunities for everyone to contribute.

To uphold this commitment, I choose to:

1. Treat others fairly, including a fair opportunity to explain a disagreement.

2. Work to create an environment where all have equal opportunities.

3. Be open-minded towards differences.

4. Never disrupt learning opportunities.

5. Display appreciation and respect for all at sporting events, competitions, and games.


Professionalism is the skill, good judgement, and polite behavior that is expected in order to do a good job.

To uphold this commitment, I choose to:

1. Conduct myself appropriately at all practices, games, competitions, and sporting events.

2. Be on time to all practices, games, competitions, and sporting events.

3. Know what is right and wrong and make good choices.

4. Communicate effectively with my coaches, peers, guests, and community members.

Rules and Guidelines

Cheerleaders must follow the Absence from School Guidelines:

If a student is in SAS, they will not be allowed to practice or compete on the day(s) of the suspension.

In order to practice or compete on a given day, participants must be present in school three consecutive academic periods prior to dismissal or at the discretion of the principal. The three periods do not include lunch.

If a cheerleader skips any period during the school day, including SRP, the cheerleader will be unable to participate in the next game/competition.

Each cheerleader is expected to participate in all activities in which that squad participates. It is important to realize that when one person is absent, the entire squad suffers. Excessive absenteeism will result in suspension, including summer activities and practices.

If full participation is not physically possible, due to injury or illness, attendance is still required.

Competitive Attendance Policy

Late to Practice: Burpees/Bear Crawls (Coaches discretion).

Unexcused Absence/Unexcused Missed Practice: Cheerleader will sit out the next competition.

Missed Competition/Second Unexcused Absence: Removal from squad.

Sideline Attendance Policy

Late to a Practice/Game: Cheerleader will sit out first half game.

Unexcused Absence/ Unexcused Missed Practice: Cheerleader will sit out next game.

Missed Game/ Second Unexcused Absence/Second Late to a Game: Removal from squad.

The cheerleader will be expected to attend the game or competition in your uniform, sit the bench, and cheer along with your squad.

Excused Absences Include: illness, family illness, death in the family, doctors and dentist appointments.

Unexcused Absences Include: family vacations, work, church camps, etc.

A phone call from a parent/guardian to the coach is required 24 hours in advance if you will be unable to attend a practice, game, competition, or special school related function. If you are sick from school, a phone call is still required. If the coaching staff is not notified, it will be considered an unexcused absence and the attendance policy rules will apply.

*ALL attendance to practices, games, competitions, and special school related functions are MANDATORY unless excused by the coach in advance.

Social Media Policy

It is understood that as a Roosevelt Cheerleader, one will hold themselves to the Code of Conduct standards in all settings- this includes all social media platforms. Any cheerleader who is not representing the program appropriately will be in violation of the Code of Conduct rules and consequences will be determined by coaches.

Practice Expectations

Cheerleaders must be stretched and ready to go BEFORE practice starts or it will be counted as late and the attendance policy rules will apply.

Appropriate practice clothing must be worn at all times. This includes athletic shoes, T-shirts, shorts, or workout pants.

No jewelry or gum. Hair must be away from the face and above the shoulders. If any of these safety guidelines are not followed, you will not be allowed to practice and it will be considered an unexcused absence.

Cheerleaders will be given warnings for broken rules, not participating, negative attitude, etc. Two warnings will be given and the cheerleader may be removed from the squad after a third warning.

Uniform Expectations

Uniforms are the property of Roosevelt High School. Each member is responsible for any piece of Roosevelt High School equipment that is issued to him/her for the season. At the end of the season, each cheerleader is responsible for turning in all issued equipment prior to tryouts. If a cheerleader chooses not to finish the year, all issued equipment must be turned in IMMEDIATELY. Care must be taken to insure clothing, uniforms, and equipment is in clean and presentable condition. Each squad member shall safeguard his/her clothing, uniforms, and equipment and shall be personally liable for its replacement, loss, or damage.

*Uniforms shall only be worn when the team is performing. Uniforms must be washed in advance of turn-in or a washing fee will be issued.

Game Appearance

Nails must be kept to a length that is not visible over the fingertips and polish that is clear or natural is allowed during a game or activity. Cheerleaders will sit out if this is not complied with.

Cheerleaders will not cheer when hickies, tattoos, or body piercings are visible.

For your personal safety and squad uniformity, jewelry of any kind is prohibited. Religious or medical medals may be worn if necessary, but must be taped to the body under the uniform.

White ankle/no show socks will be worn for a game/competition.

Competitive Game Appearance

Hair devices that are safe and secure are required. Hair must be completely off the shoulders and secured in a bun. All fly-a-ways must be pinned and hair sprayed back.

Competitive Cheerleaders must wear cardinal colored spanx only!! If you double, black or gold spanx only may be worn underneath.

Those not in compliance with the game day appearance rules will not be allowed to cheer and it will be considered an unexcused absence.

Sideline Game Appearance

Hair devices that are safe and secure are required. Hair must be worn away from the face. Half-up, half-down hairstyles will be allowed as long as it is safe for stunting. Coaches will determine if hair is safe for stunting.

It is an expectation that you wear all pieces of the uniform including the white crop top, uniform shell, uniform skirt, hair bow, and either cardinal or gold spanx.

Those not in compliance with the game day appearance rules will not be allowed to cheer and it will be considered an unexcused absence.

Game Day Dress for ALL Cheerleaders(during school):

Cheerleaders must have their hair up, bow in, and wear their cheer jackets. Cheerleaders may also choose to dress up. This will be determined on a squad-by-squad basis.


Cheerleaders must travel to and from away (out-of-town) games and competitions as a squad when transportation is provided. A cheerleader may ride home with his/her parent/guardian provided the parent has given a written note three days prior to the Athletic Principal.

Under no circumstances will a cheerleader leave the grounds while attending an event unless permission is granted by the coach or acting coach.

Cell Phone use is NOT permitted during practices/games. Cell phones should be silent and put away.

Failure to abide by the policies and regulation established for the RHS cheerleaders or failure to accept responsibilities as cheerleaders may result in disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the squad. Appropriate disciplinary action will be determined by the coach and/or school administration according to the severity of each violation.

**If you voluntarily quit or are removed from the Roosevelt High School cheerleading program at any time during the season, you forfeit your right to tryout for the cheer program the next year.

**There is a 24 hour NO CONTACT period after all games, competitions, and practices. Calls to coaches should only be placed in case of an emergency.