*Note: ALL Competitive Cheerleaders MUST HAVE an up-to-date physical AND release form in order to participate in tryouts!

For questions on your updated physical, please contact Karla.Walnofer@k12.sd.us

*Tryouts will be judged on the following*
- Running Tumbling
- Standing Tumbling
- Jumps (Pike, Hurdler, Toe-Touch)
- Tryout Cheer
- Tryout Dance 
- Stunting 

- No Jewelry
- Wear Black Bottoms, White T-shirt, Cheer Shoes/Tennis Shoes

Competitive Cheer Tryout Dance:

Competitive Tryout Dance (Front)

Competitive Tryout Dance (Counts)

Competitive Tryout Dance (Back)

Competitive Tryout Cheer:

Competitive Tryout Cheer (Front)

Competitive Tryout Cheer (back)

Tryout Cheer Words:
Can we have your attention-
We are here to steal the show.
The Riders don't back down.
In case you didn't know.
Dominate. Determined.
Our Pride above the rest.
Stronger than ever.
We are R-H-S!