There is a 24 hour NO CONTACT period after all games, competitions, and practices. Calls to coaches should only be placed in case of an emergency.

Co-Head Coach: Kayla Meyerhoff

Kayla has been involved in cheerleading for over nine years beginning as a high school cheerleader at Roosevelt. Kayla attended and graduated from Augustana with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. Kayla was chosen as a member of the Augustana Spirit Squad and was a full time football and basketball cheerleader. While in attendance at Augustana, Kayla began her coaching passion. She coached sideline high school and middle school cheerleading for two years at Sioux Falls Christian. Kayla teaches special education at Laura Wilder Elementary.

Co-Head Coach: Diedra Nissen

Diedra's past cheerleading experiences include participating as a Varsity Boy's Basketball and Football cheerleader at Lyman High School for three years. Diedra attended and graduated from SDSU with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in mathematics. in 2008, Diedra was an assistant coach to the Lyman High School Competitive Cheer Squad. She helped coach them to a first place State Championship win. Diedra is in her fourth year of teaching at Roosevelt High School as a math instructor.