Flexibility Schedule

Daily Flexibility Schedule

Please take the time to follow this schedule at home and work on flexibility on your own time. Improving your flexibility will increase your abilities as a cheerleader and helps in all areas from jumps, to tumbling, to stunting. It only takes a few minutes each day and you can do most of these while doing homework or watching TV! We will be spending time each week during the conditioning practice to teach some of the exercises in case anyone has any questions on how to do them.

· Monday: General Flexibility/Body Positions

· Tuesday: Advanced Flexibility/Body Positions

· Wednesday: Recovery Day

· Thursday: Advanced Flexibility/Body Positions

· Friday: General Flexibility/Body Positions

· Saturday: Recover Day

· Sunday: Conditioning Practice Stretching

General Flexibility Exercises (8-10 minutes)

· Straddle Sit: Left, Right, Middle w/toes pointed straight up

· Pike Sit: Grab toes and lift heals off ground, then grab heals w/ legs locked out and pointed toes

· Butterfly Sit: Hands on knees and apply forward leaning pressure

· Right Split:

o Right knee up and left knee down: push hips forward, keeping chest up

o Sit on back foot and lay down, grabbing heal of straight leg

o Full split, keep chest up in good posture with hands on either side

o Arch back with head dropped back and hands reaching as far back as possible

o Lay down on front leg, reaching to grab heal, keep body weight on leg

· Left Split:

o Repeat steps above for the left

· Middle Split:

o Keep hips in line with feet and feet on their sides pointed forward

· Bridge: Push up through shoulders, feet flat, keeping legs together and straight. Shoulders should push over hands w/head looking up to ceiling

Advanced Flexibility Exercises (10-12 minutes)

· Elevated Splits

o This should be used when regular splits no longer stretch your muscles. Elevating your splits will help you achieve above average flexibility.

o Use to elevate: Panel mat, couch cushion or two, pillows, books, etc

o Rest front leg (calf) on mat

o Back leg is straight w/ knee down

o Chest up in good posture

o Hands on side of hips to the ground

o Hold for 2 minutes

o Repeat with other leg

§ Variation: Back leg elevated in addition to front

· Log Roll

o Start from split or from your back, holding your leg by your head

o If in a split then lay down on your front leg and grab foot

o Roll!

o Front to back to front and so on

o Try to control the roll and maintain split

o Try crossing leg over chest and roll

· Frog Stretch

o Start on hands and knees

o Slide knees away from each other in opposite directions

o Keep hips in line with knees

o Legs should be bent at 90% at knees

o Feet lay flat point out

o Once knees have slid out all the way

o Slowly sit back a little until stretch is felt

o Hold for 30 seconds

· Seal Stretch

o Lay on stomach with hands flat next to ribs

o Elbows should be pointing towards ceiling

o Push with arms, chest up

o Keep hips on ground

o Arch back as much as possible with head back

o Hold 30 seconds

o Roll hips from side to side

· Wall Split

o Sit facing wall and then lay back

o Extend legs straight up

o Scoot forward until your bottom is against wall

o Allow legs to slide apart until gravity pulls them down

o Help gravity by going further if you can

o Wear socks so heels slide on the wall

o Hold for 5 minutes

· Hip Rotation

o Start standing up with feet far apart

o Bend right leg all the way down to squat

o Keep left leg straight with hands in front

o Walk hands to left and move to other side of leg

o While walking hands rotate hips until left knee is facing left

o Laydown on top of leg to get upper hamstring and outer gluts and hip stretch

o Hold for 30 seconds

o Walk hands back to front with knee facing forward

o Lean left and force hip to ground while twisting hips to the right

o Hold for 30 seconds

o Walk hands around to right while rolling left leg over so knee faces ground

o Push hip to ground while twisting body to the right

o Hold for 30 seconds

o Repeat above steps while trying to maintain stretch in hips, pushing in all directions

o Reverse all the above for the other side

Body Positions (8-10 minutes)

Try doing each of these and holding for 5 seconds steady. Keep your eyes focused on one spot on the wall a little above your eye line. Remember to make it pretty!

· 20 Front stretches, pulling straight leg as fast as possible, grab with both hands

· 20 scorpions, using proper technique

· 20 scales, getting higher and higher

· 20 Arabesques, pulling as fast as possible

· 20 bows, try kicking into it and grab over head